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How to build a B2B scalable Sales Machine

In this video we will systematically analyze all parts of a B2B sales process, from initial contact to contract signing:


How to choose the most appropriate customer acquisition source (outbound, inbound, partners) for your situation


Methodology for getting a first meeting starting from
no contact


B2B deal-closing framework as used by Salesforce, HubSpot and Shopify


Examples from the experience with 80+ European B2B startups, showcasing successes and failures

You'll leave the workshop with a proven framework to assess your current sales actions, uncover blind spots, and address areas for improvement

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About Gonzalo de Lomana

After working at Boston Consulting Group and doing a PhD in economics and digitalization, Gonzalo de Lomana started helping B2B startups to systematically grow their sales. During the last 6 years has partnered with 80+ B2B startups to build and scale their
sales systems.

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