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Are you still selling without a system?

Set up your B2B SaaS for scalable and predictable growth in 3 months


Are you facing these situations?

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To understand and predict your sales pipeline you have to ask individual people

Your team has freeriders selling in different ways and you rely on individual capabilities

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Most sales opportunities come from previous contacts or from isolated events

Salespeople are not specialiazed and each is responsible for the whole sales process

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Onboardings take a lot of resources and there is no sales playbook


How does your revenue look like?

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Set up your sales system in 3 months with our proven methodology

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3 weeks

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1 week

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8 weeks

Together we will review the sales strategy: the target market we approach, the buyer personas, and the scenarios in which we find our potential clients.

The sales playbook defines HOW we execute every step of the sales process, the CRM registers WHAT has been done with every potential client.

During the initial 2-3 months of sales machine launch, we engage in a hands-on approach to (1) ensure proper execution of the sales strategy by your team, (2)


Companies trusting SaaS Growth


Startups usually experience 3-4x growth in the first 12 months


Jacobo Umbert, Cofounder at Dcycle

"Having worked with other sales consultancies, the project with SaaS Growth is the best money invested without a doubt. We started with 2 meetings per week, halfway through the project there were 12 and after two months we are at 25”.


Ibon Iribarren,

"Even though we had years of experience in sales, the project has changed the way we operate. It has allowed us to improve the whole commercial process very quickly without being prisoners of the project".


Borja Márquez,
CEO at Stockpoint

"With SaaS Growth we have built a sales machine that really works. In the first month we closed 25 meetings of which 11 turned into sales".


Adrià Cortés,
CEO at Amphora

"Since we built the sales machine, we've grown 40% per month and continue to scale. I've delegated the process and can now spend my time on other strategic projects knowing that the sales machine is running in the background".

Building a robust sales machine

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Hiring and onboarding is simplified through the specialisation of the profiles. The performance of new salespeople can be tested in one month. If we double the people, we can double the results.

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Every salesperson follows the same process in each part of the funnel. This ensures consistent results, so that we can predict future revenue without much deviation.


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Every sales activity is logged and segmented by stage, market and buyer persona. This way we can easily identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions.


In the past years Gonzalo de Lomana has worked together with 70+ B2B SaaS companies to build and scale their sales systems.


He has a background in engineering and sees life in terms of systems that interact with each other. Applying the psychology of sales and team management to create those systems is his passion.


While leading the demand generation department at Bionline, a high growth B2B SaaS, Andrés Crespo Dualde cofounded SaaS Growth to be able to help more companies turn into sales machines.

He has a background in business, sales and marketing, and believes that any successful project should always be based on organization and attention to detail.


Thinking about setting up a sales system?

Thanks! I will get back to you soon.
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